Challenge 25 ☆☆

Welcome to challenge 25. You need to guess the secret that is hidden in Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Vault, AWS or GCP.

Secrets in smart contracts part 1

On public blockchains, everything that is written on-chain is world-readable.

In this challenge, you need to read the variable named secret from the contract 0x8b72f7cbAD50620c46219ad676Ad9d3a5A273587 on the Goerli EVM Testnet.

Answer to solution :

Why storing secrets on the blockchain is a bad idea

You should never commit any secret to the blockchain. All data is public. Especially when a variable is public, it is very easy to read.

Still need to use a secret? Make sure it is part of a supporting system (E.g. an external service you create).